By introducing workplace therapy and mobile chair massage, employers will see increased productivity, a reduction in sickness, as well as a boost in staff morale. A small quiet room is all we need to provide a relaxing work place massage.

Work Place Massage
On-site massage and workplace massage (Work Therapy) is a fantastic way of energising and supporting your workforce. Work therapy demonstrates a strong commitment by employers and companies towards staff health and well-being. The many benefits of corporate massage for the employer are that it can :

*Cut down significantly on sickness
*Helps retain staff through boosted morale
*Boost creativity & productivity
*Increases performance and production
*Shows how much the employer values its staff
*Relieves staff tension and stress

Therapies include, Seated Massage - A fully clothed, non-oil massage, with the client sitting comfortably in a chair, this one is especially designed to benefit and improve your employees posture. Bernadette will work on the  back, neck, shoulders, arms and hands to help relieve muscle tension and also will help to reduce stress levels. A great all rounder guaranteed to boost productivity.

Reflexology- Great for treating specific ailments or conditions, promoting healing from within and restoring the body’s equilibrium. It is also a fantastic stress buster and can help to target problem areas particularly on the spine and lower back. The treatment will be performed with the client fully clothed.

Treatments times are recommended at 10/15 minute appointments for seated massage and 15 minutes for chair reflexology. Our therapies are designed to fit in easily to your office environment and we are happy to attend your company to give a free no obligation demo. We will provide a spreadsheet if required to allow you to take bookings, we bring everything else. 07412611914
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