The massive benefits of massage in the workplace

I feel compelled to write about this subject because as someone who worked in a public services company for many years, I can testify about the enormous stress that this can present to employees and have a detrimental impact on employee morale and customer service. I was in fact having a discussion with my other half an argument lets say about how much more stress we have in our daily lives compared to our mothers and fathers. he somewhat disagreed but it is my opinion that the longer hours we are expected to work to fund bigger mortgages, more affluent lifestyles, university for the kids etc, etc, the more we need to be seen to be super humans, working all hours just to make ends meet.

The workplace then becomes a place where we are spending increasingly longer hours including travelling to and from our workplaces to constantly sit at our desks, or attend meeting after meeting, having little or no time for lunch or unwinding or even having a lunch for that matter and this is absolutely having an extremely detrimental effect on our stress levels and overall health and well-being.

This is why bringing workplace massage to your office is a fantastic way to benefit the workplace and ultimately the customer or service user it has a significant number of proven benefits including but not limited to:

Cutting down significantly on sickness
Helps retain staff through boosted morale
Boost creativity & productivity
Increases performance and production
Shows that the employer values its staff
Relieves staff tension and stress

It also helps to decrease depression and has a massively beneficial impact on an individuals mental health and I have seen the enormous positive benefits that it has through working with people with a number of mental health conditions. Workplace massage is money well spent whether that is the employee paying for a short treatment once a month or the company funding a day of well-being for their employees. See here for details on what we offer or contact us on 07412611914 for a no obligation free demo