Massage-The Power of Touch

I thought that I would write about my experience as a Therapist and how powerful a medium massage can be in terms of helping with depression, anxiety and often emotional pain. I have had the privilege of working with clients who have told me how wonderful they feel after they have had a massage, that it gives them time away from their troubles and often sorrows, if only for an hour. Whilst I was working at an event today, an elderly lady approached me and told me that her shoulder and arm were sore because she kept banging into things. I gave her a gentle back and shoulder massage only for ten minutes and after the massage she told me that her daughter had terminal cancer and that is why her back was sore lifting her in and out of the wheelchair. She told me that today her friend was looking after her daughter and that she had come to the festival to get some time to herself, she thought the massage was absolutely lovely. Until then it had been a quiet day for me and I had been thinking of packing up, these times make it so worthwhile for me if I can make someone feel like this for a little time, touch was so important to this lady.

I also have a regular client who has a busy stressful life and when she comes for her massage she drifts into another place when she is on the couch, she relaxes so much and loves her time away from the world, with soothing music and candles. When you think of the other things we prioritise in our every day life should a massage really just be considered a luxury.