Massage to relieve pain

Clients visit me for a number of reasons such as relaxation and often to relieve back, shoulder or neck pain. Massage is such a great way to help deal with troublesome knots and tight muscles but it can also be great for improving chronic painful conditions caused by stress or depression.

I regularly work at festivals or events where I treat clients with short chair massages and the benefits of even these short massages is tenfold. I was recently working at a Camp Bestival and treated a client who was suffering from back pain. He came back the next day to let me know that due to the massage he was pain free and was so grateful as he had been in considerable pain. This for me is what treating clients is all about and makes being a Massage Therapist such a worthwhile job.

So when you think about massage as a luxury, try thinking about it as an important way of investing in your health and wellbeing and book yours today.