Bernadette is an ITEC qualified Holistic Therapist and is passionate about the benefits of the treatments that she offers. She is also a member of the Complementary Therapists Association CTHA which is a professional recognised body for qualified therapists in the UK. She regularly presents educational workshops, to a variety of audiences, on the health and wellness benefits of massage, aromatherapy and reflexology. Bernadette's mission is to support individuals in achieving life balance through personal wellness.
A firm believer in the inseparable connection between mind body and spirit, Bernadette is a proponent of how massage can relieve physical as well as emotional stress, and strongly believes that holistic therapies are vital for health and well-being.
She also believes the best way to serve her clients is to stay informed and current on new techniques in massage and bodywork and is fully committed to her continued professional development as a massage therapist. Specialising in Trigger point release and deep tissue massage she helps her clients to overcome injuries and pain and to live better.

Bernadette also works within a multi-disciplined setting as a therapist helping to holistically treat clients who are suffering from anxiety, depression and other stress related conditions. She brings five years of experience into her practice, blending deep tissue with Acupressure and Aromatherapy Massage and Reflexology. A therapist who does not believe that deep tissue massage should be torturous, but uses deeper work only when client and therapist trust has been established. She is committed to providing treatments that will suit your specific needs and her serene approach and her relaxing treatment room allows you to take timeout to bring peace, harmony and balance into your busy life. As a deep tissue and trigger point therapist she works with clients who are active and who participate in sports or events and uses these disciplines to help keep these clients psychologically well and pain free

Bernadette is a busy mum herself, who lives with her family in Croxley Green which means she understands fully the stresses and strains that family life can bring. Many of her clients are busy working parents who need respite and relaxation away from their often hectic schedules.
ITEC Level 3 Holistic Massage
ITEC Level 3 Reflexology
ITEC level 3 Aromatherapy - Holistic Training Courses, Hatfield
CPD Courses
Deep Tissue Massage
Trigger Point Therapy
Seated Acupressure Massage - London School of Massage